Do you have your own installers?

Yes we do. Having your carpet or hard surface properly installed by professionals is the most effective measure you can take to ensure long-lasting beauty. One employee has been installing carpet professionally with Kashou Carpets for over 30 years.

Do you have interior designers on staff?

A Kashou Carpet is the carpet and rug resource for many of Milwaukee’s finest designers. If you are looking for a professional design service to help you through the process of re-decorating your home call us or email robert@kashoucarpets.com for a referral. Many designers have different areas of expertise and we’ll help guide you to one that suits your needs.

Do you carry Antique Rugs?

Yes. If you are interested in antiques contact Robert Kashou by e-mail or by phone to setup an appointment.

Do you buy rugs?

Generally, we do not buy rugs from the public. However, we do purchase antiques older than 75 years. Contact Robert Kashou by e-mail or by phone to setup an appointment.

Is it always necessary to use a pad? What type?

Padding is extremely important. A quality pad should:

  • Prevent premature wear.
  • Enhance the appearance while it cushions your feet.
  • Keep rugs safely in place, reducing wrinkles and bumps.

We use the following padding:

  • Durahold Pad - This pad is used for most area rugs. It contains a fiber top that grips the rug and a latex underside to prevent the rug from slipping or wrinkling.
  • Non-Skid Rubber - A very thin, non-slip, rubber, mesh pad is ideal for small, flat woven or otherwise thin area rugs and runners.

Call us with the size of your rug and we can have your custom sized pad ready when you arrive!

How often should I clean my rugs & carpet?

These recommendations vary with lifestyle. You should vacuum at least once per week and steam clean 1-2 times per year.

Can I take samples or rugs home on approval?

We recommend that all customers take carpet samples and rugs home on approval. It is absolutely necessary to see the sample in your unique living space and during different times of day, allowing you to capture the differences between natural light and artificial light.

What are the benefits of Wool vs. Nylon?

Wool has stood the test of time. Any 100 year old rug is a testament to that claim. In addition to excellent aging properties, wool's natural resilience makes it very easy to clean.

Nylon also has excellent stain resistant properties. In general, synthetic fibers are very economical and more suitable under certain circumstances.

If you care to solicit a bid for commercial work, contact Robert Kashou by e-mail or by phone to setup an appointment.

How do I remove spills and stains from my carpets and rugs?

It is always best to have your carpet or rug professionally cleaned. Kashou Carpets is the oldest and most respected Oriental rug cleaner in town. Bring your rug in or call us for an appointment to pick your rug up. Or, if you prefer to try it yourself, view our Carpet Cleaning Guide for more specific information.

Recent innovations in the industry have brought incredible new options to the market. Textures such as handscraping produce the appearance of a handmade, custom-crafted floor. Wider planking options reinforce a sense of natural authenticity. Exotic new choices in wood species, harvested in environmentally responsible ways, offer an incredible range of natural colors and graining patterns. And state-of-the-art finishes, produced in a controlled environment, provide durability that far outlast site-finished floors.

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